Relay Delay (01-99 secs)

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Relay Delay (01-99 secs)

The relay delay feature can be set from 1 second all the way up to 99 seconds and will delay a PIR or the alarm input from triggering too soon or too often in certain situations. For example it may not be necessary to play the following message more than 1 every minute.


“Welcome face coverings are required whilst in this store, thank you for helping to keep us all safe.”

This delay period is simply altered using the Remote control. Press the mode button and enter the number of seconds you require as a delay on the keypad. The PIR light will then flash red 5 times to indicate it has been updated. The default setting is 10 seconds.

Eg. for a 45 second delay enter Mode > 45

This will inhibit the PIR or alarm trigger from activating again during that period