Free Zippy DVR365 Player

Zippy Player - 1ch - DVR365 Edition

  • Easy to use video player
  • PC Compatible
  • Standalone no other software required
  • Dav file player
  • No installation required
Download A multi-channel version is also available here...

System Requirements

Processor Intel i3
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 or later
RAM 32Bit Windows: 4GB / 64Bit Windows: 8GB
Screen Resolution 1366 x 768 minimum
Hard Disk Requires approximately 20Mb
Internet Connection An Internet connection is required to register and activate the multi-channel version, no Internet connection is required for the single channel version.


The single channel player is free issue for unlimited use on any Window based PC so has no specific licensing model associated with it. The multi channel version however is licensed on a per-PC basis.


Do I need the main CCTV client software installed to use Zippy Player?

No Zippy Player is a standalone module for playing back recordings. The Client software is a great way of retrieving the footage in the first place though.

Do I need to install Zippy Player player on my PC?

The single channel version is completely portable requiring no installation, it will even run from a USB stick.

The multi channel version will need installing, registering and activating via Internet connection on a per-PC basis prior to use.

Which file types will the Zippy-Player play back?

Because different manufacturers output different file types and use different codecs, a simple task such as playing back CCTV footage can be a nightmare when it should be so simple. Often if you haven’t got the client software you can be stumped which is no use to the Police if they are trying to use CCTV as evidence.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of it by producing this software in various versions to make it work with all the leading DVR manufacturers. We even do a 4channel version of them all too!

Does Zippy Player play files synchronously ?

No, the multi channel player does not synchronise the individual play windows, they play independently of one another.

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