CCTV Viewing Widget - Zip CCTV Viewing Widget - Zip Zip CCTV Range The simplest way to view footage from your Zip Recorder, ideal to give to staff or temporary users access to a camera image without allowing full access to the client software. SOFT1050 SOFT1050 27.36
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CCTV Viewing Widget - Zip

CCTV Viewing Widget - Zip

Keep one eye on your CCTV camera at all times with this useful desktop viewing widget (Zip DVR version)

  • Keeps a live camera feed on your PC desktop
  • Always stays on top of other program windows
  • Local or remote viewing - keeping your eye on another site
  • Talkback feature for speaking back to site
  • Automatic or manual channel switching
  • Resizable window so it doesnít obscure your work
Our friendly CCTV Viewing Widget is a simple but extremely useful PC program that allows you to have a single camera live on your PC screen in a resizable window. The window stays on top of other applications so that you can keep an eye on key areas like a reception or nursery without breaking from your work. The window can be with or without a frame to suit your requirements.
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