RoboPlate - Demo RoboPlate - Demo RoboPlate 21 day demo version of the competetively priced single-channel ANPR software. 1 hour limited runtime, restart as many times as you like within the demo period. SOFT1031 SOFT1031 View Offer
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RoboPlate - Demo

RoboPlate - Demo

An affordable, standalone ANPR solution, RoboPlate captures and stores licence plates for later interrogation and triggering of access control such as gates and barriers. (DEMO)

  • Stores plates locally for retrospective searching
  • Search your ANPR database from a secondary PC
  • Compatible with UK and most European plates
  • Standalone software works with suitable cameras
  • Displays pop up messages for receptionists & security staff
  • Sends an email to business owner or a monitoring station
  • Easy to create whitelists of approved vehicles
  • Group Membership feature for extra functionality
  • Triggers a pre-recorded sound/message file on VoiceOff
  • Triggers network relays to open gates, barriers etc

This is a 21 day demo version

RoboPlate software is a series of automatic number plate recognition modules allowing you to start with a basic system and bolt-on or upgrade as and when required. It makes a standard ANPR system affordable to any organisation even home owners and allows you to buy additional features at a later date.

Note: This software is designed for use with AlienDVRs only

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