RoboPlate ANPR Software Solutions

  • RoboPLate Standard

    RoboPlate Standard
    (Code: SOFT1030)

    June 2019 More Info

    An affordable, standalone ANPR solution, roboPlate captures and stores licence plates for later interrogation and triggering of access control such as gates and barriers.

  • RoboPlate Configure

    RoboPlate Configure
    (Code: SOFT1037)

    June 2019 More Info

    Already built in to RoboPlate Standard, �Configure� allows a second user/PC to connect to the main database which can be useful for integration with separate access control or time keeping systems.

  • RoboPlate FTP

    RoboPlate FTP
    (Code: SOFT1041)

    June 2019 More Info

    The easy to use FTP module uploads your number plate images to a secure storage area in the cloud either your own website or a 3rd party service, you can decide. It�s an ideal way to gain off-site access to the captured licence plate information.

  • RoboPlate LAN

    RoboPlate LAN
    (Code: SOFT1036)

    June 2019 More Info

    Using this add-on module alongside the main RoboPlate ANPR software not only do you capture a vehicle registration plate but you can match it against a white list to open a gate, barrier or other access control equipment.

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