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Roboplate ANPR

  • NEW Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Software

    New for 2019

    Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology is used on a daily basis by Police and other Law Enforcement Agencies at local and national level in an attempt to tackle crime and terrorism. Common uses by the authorities include detecting stolen vehicles, tracking organised crime, tackling uninsured drivers and even helping to tackle terrorist threats. Aside from Police use, ANPR technology can have many uses in day to day to life for the average business or property owner.

  • Roboplate Lite ANPR

    Latest Version

    Budget friendly ANPR software captures and logs vehicle number plates for later searching or to trigger an immediate action of hardware.Read more here...

  • Roboplate Standard ANPR

    Latest Version

    RoboPlate ANPR software provides the user with everything they need to get up and running with ANPR. Simply set up a suitable CCTV camera to capture your number plate on your new or existing DVR/NVR, enter the required connection information and you'll be capturing a list of number plates in minutes. Read more here...

  • Roboplate ANPR - Free Demo

    Get your 14 day free trial of this superb ANPR software solution here

    Try before you buy with our FREE DEMO on the RoboPlate ANPR software. All you need is a high quality camera capable of capturing the image of your number plates. Read more here...

Access Control Solutions

  • Zap Access Control Software

    Coming soon - Easy to use access control software - helps manage staff attendance and controls visitor access.

Facial Recognition Software

  • State of the art Facial Recognition Software

    Coming Soon

    Facial Recognition software is set to become the "GO TO" security and loss prevention measure for the 2020s so get ahead of the crowd and check out these new solutions - ideal for retail, commercial or public sector use.

  • RoboFACE Recognition Software

    Coming Soon in late 2019, new RoboFACE Recognition software is a new suite of software solutions designed to help your business.

Commercial CCTV Management Solutions

Sightmaster Pro - Multi-Site software for managing your CCTV infrastructure

Now Available Read More Here...

Using the right CCTV management software can transform the efficiency of your business by saving hours in labour that would be better used elsewhere in the security team.

SightMaster Pro CCTV software can do some of the hardwork for you handling overnight footage downloads and keeping a watchful eye over your networked CCTV devices.

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