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With a friendly user interface and client software designed by UK engineers, the ZIP range is fast becoming the nation’s popular choice for NVRs and DVRs. Developed under our own System Q roof we are committed to the on-going development of software for this brand and look forward to adding additional handy modules for CCTV management over the course of the next few years.

Free Zip HDD Calculator

A free tool for calculating the size of hard drive you might need in your ZipNVR.

Extra Licences (5x ZipVision)

If you've used up all your ZipVision software licences and wish to add more, please purchase this package. Includes 5 licences.

GBP 30.00 Exc VAT
Easy Peasy Player - Zip 1ch

A convenient CCTV evidence player that will play any of the footage files when dropped into a folder. Compatible with all Zip DVR and NVR footage.

ZipVision - Zip DVR & NVR Client Software

Modern, slick and easy to use are the best ways to describe the ZipNVR's client software ZipVision.

GBP 46.80 Exc VAT
goGet CCTV - Zip Download Tool

Handy little download program, useful for the bulk downloading of CCTV footage. Compatible with most Zip DVRs and NVRs.

Zip Show - Personalised CCTV Viewer

A standalone viewer that requires no installation on a PC, you can even keep it on a USB! It allows companies to distribute a promotional remote viewing application with their name on it and their graphics.

SightMaster - Standard Module for ZipNVR/DVRs

Multi-site management of CCTV with live playback, viewing and local download facility. ZipDVR and NVR compatible.

SightMaster - Health Check Module for ZipNVR/DVRs

This module can continuously connect to multiple DVRs in your organisation across multiple sites and check image quality, Hard Drive abnormalities, video loss and store snapshot images or compile reports that can be automatically emailed to the relevant personnel.

SightMaster - Scheduled Download Module for ZipNVR/DVRs

Allows easy downloading of large quantities of CCTV footage to be carried out on a schedule to suit the operator such as after store closing times or overnight so it is ready for viewing the following day.

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