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AlienDVR CCTV Software

AlienDVR CCTV Software
AlienDVR CCTV Software
The alienDVR brand has been around since 2007 and has been a firm favourite with home and business owners wanting to protect their property with CCTV. 

During that time a range of CCTV management software solutions and tools have been created to give maximum functionality for alien DVR owners and operators.
Extra Licences (5x alienVision)

If you've used up all your alienVision software licences and wish to add more, please purchase this package. Includes 5 licences.

GBP 30.00 Exc VAT
Zippy Player - Alien  Multi-ch Player (SOFT1323)

A convenient CCTV evidence player that will play any of the footage files when dropped into a folder. Plays up to 4 files simultaneously, compatible with all Alien branded DVRs.

GBP 20.00 Exc VAT
Friendly Desktop Widget - Alien Edition (SOFT1540)

Competitively priced desktop viewer for Alien DVRs.

GBP 22.80 Exc VAT
AlienVision - Alien DVR Client Software

Comprehensive client software for Windows PCs suitable for controlling and monitoring multiple AlienDVRs and alienIP cameras over the LAN or Internet..

GBP 46.80 Exc VAT
goGet CCTV - alienDVR Footage Downloader

Handy little download program, useful for the bulk downloading of CCTV footage. Compatible with most Alien DVRs and NVRs.

... from 82.80 +VAT
CCTV Timelapse Tool - 1-ch Alien Edition (SOFT1520)

Useful software module that allows you to capture a series of snapshot images from your Alien DVR (Channel 1).

GBP 94.80 Exc VAT
CCTV Timelapse - 1-ch Alien Demo (SOFT1521)

Demo version of our single channel CCTV Timelapse tool for Alien DVRs, captures from Channel 1 only.

CCTV Timelapse - Alien Multi Channel

Useful software module that allows you to capture snapshot images from multiple camera channels. Compatible with most ALIEN DVRs and NVRs.

GBP 178.80 Exc VAT
Android App - AlienDVR Phone

Android Compatible Phone App for easy viewing of your alien CCTV footage on your mobile phone.


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