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VoiceOFF Annunciator Software

VoiceOFF Annunciator Software
VoiceOFF Annunciator Software

The VoiceOFF is a superb piece of hardware and is really 4 products rolled in to one...

  1.  An MP3 player, that can play pre-recorded messages from a Micro-SD card inside 
  2.  A high quality audio amplifier so you can hear the messages loud and clear 
  3.  An externally rated Speaker, so you can use the VoiceOFF in any location, and
  4.  Ten alarm inputs which start the messages playing when you want them to. For example to warn away intruders from your storage yard.

Not just that it has it's own scheduling software so you can play message files whenever you need to PLUS over 2000 pre-recorded message and sound files available for use with it.

VoiceOFF - VOXPlayer PRO

The VoxPlayer Pro extends the functionality of the VoxPlayer Lite version by adding favourites and scheduling and sound file management.

GBP 398.00 Exc VAT
VoiceOFF - VOXPlayer Lite

* FREE with your VoiceOFF (VOX400) purchase* This useful software module complements the VoiceOFF voice annunciator allowing you to play a particular message under manual control.

VoiceOFF - VOXPlayer OEM

The VoxPlayer OEM enables you to tailor the Pro to your specific needs.

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