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Commercial CCTV Software
Commercial CCTV Software

A range of software solutions for larger organisations looking to streamline process and cut costs. The range includes solutions for retrieving large quantities of footage as well as managing a number of installations in 1 central location. Ideal for multi-site operations such as high street food and retail chains.

SightMaster Commercial CCTV Solutions

For customers who have multi-site installations of DVRs and NVRs and need to manage them remotely we have SightMasterPro. This software is far more commercially orientated than the standard CCTV client software, which is aimed more at small groups of DVRs managed by individuals or small businesses.

SightMaster - Standard Module for ZipNVR/DVRs

Multi-site management of CCTV with live playback, viewing and local download facility. ZipDVR and NVR compatible.

SightMaster - Health Check Module for ZipNVR/DVRs

This module can continuously connect to multiple DVRs in your organisation across multiple sites and check image quality, Hard Drive abnormalities, video loss and store snapshot images or compile reports that can be automatically emailed to the relevant personnel.

SightMaster - Scheduled Download Module for ZipNVR/DVRs

Allows easy downloading of large quantities of CCTV footage to be carried out on a schedule to suit the operator such as after store closing times or overnight so it is ready for viewing the following day.

SightMaster - Multi-Operator Module for ZipNVR/DVRs

Great addition to SightMaster where there are a team of operators charged with CCTV management as it allows a global manager to carry out key admin tasks and then distribute files to their team for interrogation.

SightMaster - Alarm Server Module for ZipNVR/DVRs

This clever module listens for alarm notifications from each DVR or NVR across multiple sites, logging them to make them available to monitoring PCs eliminating bottlenecks and avoiding duplication of tasks by a team.

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