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ANPR Solutions

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) solutions for the capture, storage and management of vehicle number plate records.

Apps for Mobile Devices

Free Apps for your mobile allowing on-the-go control of your CCTV system. Android and iOS compatible to suit your devices.

Commercial CCTV Software

A range of software solutions for larger organisations with multi-site operations such as high street food and retail chains.

Domestic & Small Business

Great value software for day to day managing of your property's CCTV and security system.

Playback Tools for CCTV

Diverse range of widgets and player tools for handling recorded CCTV footage and live playback.

Support  Packages & Licence Upgrades

UK based technical support team with years of knowledge to help get your CCTV system up and running.

Voice Annunciation Solutions

Software and pre-recorded messages - ideal for deterring intruders but just as handy to welcome staff and customers to your business.

Featured Products

VoiceOff MK3 with RS232/485

A loudspeaker unit that will play back messages when an alarm is triggered.

RoboPlate - Lite

Competitively priced ANPR software solution for compatible CCTV systems. This single channel version supports vehicle lists and has 24/7 event handling.

GBP 358.80 Exc VAT
CCTV Viewing Widget - Zip

The simplest way to view footage from your Zip Recorder, ideal to give to staff or temporary users access to a camera image without allowing full access to the client software.

GBP 22.80 Exc VAT

Competitively priced ANPR software for compatible CCTV systems. This single channel version supports vehicle group memberships and scheduling of events.

GBP 540.00 Exc VAT
Alien Desktop Widget

Competitively priced desktop viewer for Alien DVRs.

GBP 22.80 Exc VAT
goGet CCTV - alienDVR Footage Downloader

Handy little download program, useful for the bulk downloading of CCTV footage. Compatible with most Alien DVRs and NVRs.

... from 82.80 +VAT
ZipVision - Zip DVR & NVR Client Software

Modern, slick and easy to use are the best ways to describe the ZipNVR's client software ZipVision.

GBP 46.80 Exc VAT
RoboPlate - Search

This module is an add on for extra users/PCs to have the same search powers on the database as is available with the main PC itself where the full copy of RoboPlate (or Lite) is installed.

GBP 130.80 Exc VAT
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