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New VoiceOFF Voice Annunciator

New VoiceOFF Voice Annunciator

Thefts from outside a dwelling

The VoiceOFF is a message and voice annunciator more simply thought of as… “an MP3 file player with its own loudspeaker system, activated by programmable alarm inputs.”

VoiceOFF has..

      ✔ A Powerful 10 watt loudspeaker for great clarity in open spaces
      ✔ 10 handy alarm inputs to trigger a variety of sound and voice files
      ✔ A removable Micro SD card for easy sound & message file management
      ✔ A line input to make live voice announcements aka “Talkback”
      ✔ A DVR line in function for talkback via your CCTV system over the Internet
      ✔ Inputs for playing up to 9999 sounds stored on your a PC or existing DVR
      ✔ A compact weatherproof enclosure for both in or outdoor use

Watch the video on how VoiceOFF works here >>

Article Posted: 18/09/2019 09:55:36

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