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New RoboPlate ANPR Software

New RoboPlate ANPR Software

Thefts from outside a dwelling

New RoboPlate ANPR software is an affordable, standalone ANPR solution, RoboPlate captures and stores licence plates for later interrogation and triggering of access control such as gates and barriers.

Stores plates locally for retrospective searching

Compatible with UK and most European plates

Standalone software works with suitable cameras

Displays pop up messages for receptionists & security staff

Sends an email to business owner or a monitoring station

Easy to create white lists of approved vehicles

Group Membership Feature for extra functionality

Triggers a pre-recorded sound/message file on VoiceOff

Triggers network relays to open gates, barriers etc

RoboPlate software is a series of automatic number plate recognition (often abbreviated to ANPR or ANLR) modules allowing you to start with a basic system and bolt-on or upgrade as and when required. It makes a standard ANPR system affordable to any organisation even home owners and allows you to buy additional “nice to have” features at a later date.

The various software modules work in tandem with at least one CCTV camera to capture and store snapshot images of vehicle number plates that can then be analysed and stored to a database for later interrogation.

The RoboPlate STANDARD version has the added benefit over the LITE version of “Group Membership” a feature that’s ideal for larger businesses. Time and date ranges can be added to these groups to control access during different periods such as shift workers or to control access by temporary staff or contractors.

Article Posted: 18/09/2019 13:05:14

Products Featured in this Article

RoboPlate - Lite Demo

21 day demo version of the competetively priced ANPR software solution for compatible CCTV systems. This single channel version supports vehicle lists and has 24/7 event handling.

Free Demo

Competitively priced ANPR software for compatible CCTV systems. This single channel version supports vehicle group memberships and scheduling of events.

GBP 540.00 Exc VAT
RoboPlate - Demo

21 day demo version of the competetively priced single-channel ANPR software. 1 hour limited runtime, restart as many times as you like within the demo period.

Free Demo
RoboPlate - Configure

Forming part of the main RoboPlate software, the 'configure' feature allows you to add more meaningful or personal data to your RoboPlate results.

GBP 130.80 Exc VAT
RoboPlate - Search

This module is an add on for extra users/PCs to have the same search powers on the database as is available with the main PC itself where the full copy of RoboPlate (or Lite) is installed.

GBP 130.80 Exc VAT
RoboPlate - FTP

RoboPlate FTP add on : uploads your number plate images to a secure storage area in the cloud whether your own website or a 3rd party service, you can decide. An ideal way to gain off-site access to the recorded plates.

GBP 166.80 Exc VAT

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This software is available in a try before you buy package.
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