Easy to use CCTV software for the Zip NVR & DVR range Easy to use CCTV software for the Zip NVR & DVR range CCTV client software, viewing and player modules for Zip NVRs and DVRs. Intuitive UK design thatís childís play to use.
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Zip NVR/DVR CCTV Software

Zip NVR/DVR CCTV Software
Zip NVR/DVR CCTV Software

The Zip CCTV range of IP cameras, NVRs and DVRs is known for its ease of uses complimented by a suite of software tools and solution that really are child's play to operate. Designed in the UK, they boast clear, intuitive design that is simple to learn and easy to operate.

Extra Licences (5x ZipVision)

If you've used up all your ZipVision software licences and wish to add more, please purchase this package. Includes 5 licences.

GBP 30.00 Exc VAT
CCTV Viewing Widget - Zip

The simplest way to view footage from your Zip Recorder, ideal to give to staff or temporary users access to a camera image without allowing full access to the client software.

GBP 22.80 Exc VAT
Zippy Player - ZIP Single Channel Edition

A convenient CCTV evidence player that will play any of the footage files when dropped into a folder. Compatible with Zip branded NVRs, DVRs and IP cameras.

ZipVision - Zip DVR & NVR Client Software

Modern, slick and easy to use are the best ways to describe the ZipNVR's client software ZipVision.

GBP 46.80 Exc VAT
goGet CCTV - Zip Download Tool

Handy little download program, useful for the bulk downloading of CCTV footage. Compatible with most Zip DVRs and NVRs.

SightMaster - Standard Module for ZipNVR/DVRs

Multi-site management of CCTV with live playback, viewing and local download facility. ZipDVR and NVR compatible.

Zip Finder - IP Camera Discovery Tool

Zip Finder is a great tool for managing your IP cameras. It quickly finds and displays all of your Zip IP cameras on the network.

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