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RoboPlate software is a series of automatic number plate recognition (often abbreviated to ANPR or ANLR) modules allowing you to start with a basic system and bolt-on or upgrade as and when required. It makes a standard ANPR system affordable to any organisation even home owners and allows you to buy additional “nice to have” features at a later date.

RoboPlate FTP Server (V2022)

Save your Number Plate captures straight from ANPR camera to your PC Desktop. An ideal way to build a database of recorded number plates.

GBP 22.80 Exc VAT
RoboPlate RegWatch Widget (V2022)

If you want the RoboPlate camera to send pop up messages over a network when it gets a match, we've also written a simple widget. You'll need to install it on a PC and when the camera detects a number plate the window will pop up on the screen showing the live video stream on your PC, an audio file can be played and a windows notification received with a simple text message too.

GBP 46.80 Exc VAT
RoboPlate - Command Centre Software (V2022)

This comprehensive Windows software expands the RoboPlate camera built-in functions by adding additional lists, actions, more detailed vehicle records, vehicle groups and more flexible scheduling. It makes administering and using the RoboPlate cameras easier and more friendly using software rather than the camera’s web browsers.

GBP 479.00 Exc VAT
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